Best brand for ball nose bits

What is a good brand for ball nose bits something that will last.

I have done multiple carves with the inventables bit, but when I’m using it it is for the finish pass where it is only cutting 1/16 deep by an 8 % step over on the lowest speed setting for my router

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Amana ( makes some quality (expensive) bits … Whiteside brand is also good quality (nearly the same price as amana)

I like these less expensive ones from Spetools though, they last seemingly just as long as the more expensive ones, but a much smaller ball bit selection: ( get all my tapered ball bits for 3d reliefs from here though)


Whiteside - 1404 Round Nose (Core Box) Router Bit 1/4" SH 1/4" R X 1/2" D X 5/8" CL 2-1/4" OL (

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Amana makes the best bits and blades in the business in my honest opinion. You might pay more but you get that back so to say in longevity quality of cuts and minimal sanding prior to stain\paint\finish etc…
Dont get me wrong I truly love Inventables and 98 percent of the products that are sold on the site…but I always found that I had to use little dremel attached “abrasco” sanding pads after using the 1\8 inch ball nose bits
I have a very large selection of Amana and Inventable bits and even a couple dozen I’ve found through trial and error on Amazon.
I generally decide which brand of bit to use depending on the money in the job\quality required for customer. I was just so damn impressed with my first tapered ballnose Amana bits I stopped looking for anything else. I do have a few friends in the furniture business that love the Whiteside bits that brother Seth mentioned.
I haven’t posted much on the forum here so I’m not totally sure about rules on website link posting so I’m not gonna post a link just a name…
They have a section where you can order brochures\catalogs\posters\information etc.on all of the products they offer…They used to send out said catalogs\brochures for free.
I hope I didnt ■■■■ off any of the Inventables crew by having a hard on for Amana bits…but my love for the crew here is on a different level :wink:

I use Amana and Whiteside exclusively.

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