Best Dust Shoe Available?

Can you post a pic of the mod? I’m trying to decide if I should cut a slot out in the back to be able to pull the whole boot plate out at once and clear the bit, or to cut it in half and slide only the front part out.

This is what it looks like at this very sec. BUT I plan on cutting a slit in the MZD plate too. I just have to get a few more whiskers first.
All I did was cut a straight slit in it then I tappered the edges a little to make it easier to hit the hole.
I haven’t had any loss of suckage and it is already a lot easier to put on/take off.

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What ia the purpose of the z probe mount?

The new Xcarve has a socket for attaching the Z probe (if you get the option). It’s home is in a hole on the X carriage. The SuckIt mount blocks that hole so they offer a new place to secure the Z probe socket.

I too bought the Suckit dust shoe. The shoe broke on me. I like the design but the acrylic is too brittle for me. I resigned it and cut it out of HDPE. As a added note the Cutting boards at wallmart are the same thickness has the Suckit dust shoe. No need to mill the surface. I also put a slot in the rear to remove the shoe without having to move the Z axis.


you by chance want to share the file for the dust shoe? thanks

In the future, if you want visibility and durability, make it out of Lexan.

Buenos dias Antonio queria saber si tu laser usa aire comprimido y si puede cortar acrilico de 5mm sin problemas

432-00008.pdf (322.8 KB)