Best Dust Shoe Available?

Hi there,

I am looking for opinions on the best dust show out there for the x-carve.

We are looking to add one to our machine and are looking for some input.

Let us know your thoughts!

Personally I use the SuckIt Dust Boot (and there are many others here that do as well) -

I’ve not had any issues with it and I’ve used both the original and MZD variation. I’d highly recommend the MZD over the original due to the added clearance of the MZD. The vac port is smaller but it still works just as good. This weekend I started a quick carve without it (just a single pass square carve into MDF) and once I saw the dust spewing everywhere I paused the carve and put it on. I knew it was picking up plenty of dust based on my dust deputy’s contents but I was amazed when I actually saw the amount of dust created if there was not a dust boot.

There are custom designs to make your own out there as well. Every design has its own advantages and disadvantages. Build or buy, either way, you’ll be happy when you do add one. You could always buy a known entity, learn what you may like or dislike, and then design and build your own.

If you’ve got a new Xcarve, I know that SuckIt has introduced a new mounting method that includes the Z probe support. It basically just gives you a place to put it instead of the Inventables hole due to the hole being blocked by the mounting hardware.


I’m closing in on the finish of my Xcarve build and this is something that has been bothering me to add on since the beginning…

Are the suckit boots that good? I don’t have access to a printer so unfortunately I may have to spend the $80 on the upgrade but I’m wanting to know if it’s truly the best option !


Yes. They are worth it. It’s a simple add on that just works. Down the road, you may want to improve it or change to a different style and make your own but for a beginner, sometimes it’s easier and/or smarter to spend more and get a known commodity.

Also, go with the MZD version. It’s definitely worth it and better.

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I ordered mine… shipping on Friday… I figured this was one area I didn’t want to have to do a whole lot of trial and error with…

They’ve also created an adaptor for the Z-Probe which will save me a lot of fiddling around time…

The question will always be about time and money… only you know which is more important to you. :slight_smile:

I think that picture of the probe installed is my machine. I know they used my picture on their Facebook showing off the new probe install method.

I’ve been using it that way since I’ve got the probe kit and it’s awesome. I’ve also found an aftermarket plug that lets you use any cables to connect your probe plate and spindle. The Inventables cable for the Z probe is not quite long enough to work flawlessly with the 3 axis Triquetra block so I needed a different solution.

Hope you are getting royalties … :slight_smile: I grabbed that pic from an email from them.

Would you mind sharing the link to the aftermarket plug? The Triquetra is definitely on my never-ending long list of things to buy…

It doesn’t have the same click in as the inventables plug but it works. And unfortunately it is a 10 pack.

I got the same email! Hoping to get it Monday or Tuesday! Thank you for the info on the last post. As for the thread starter. I can’t say that the suckitdustboot is better than anyone else’s as I haven’t gotten it yet and it isy first dust boot
But what I can say is that their support and customer service alone is what made me buy from them!


I am getting ready to buy the MZD version. Does that come with the z Probe Mount? Or is it sold separately? I cannot find on their site.

Hi Bryan…

I just ordered mine last week and with my confirmation email they included the Z-probe mount for free…

Your best bet is to drop them a quick email and confirm but I am pretty sure they will include it…


I can also comment to the amazing quality and company that SuckIt Dust Boot is. I have been running my SuckIt on the new 1,000mm X-Carve for about 3 weeks now and all I can say is WOW!!! Not only does the SuckIt keep the dust to almost zero Jenn and the company are truly fantastic people.

I cannot say enough on how amazing they have been in both helping me and in product support. It is truly amazing the level of effort and care they give to every customer. The product is worth every penny, and I can say I will be a customer of theirs as long as they have items to sell.

SuckIt Dust Boot & X-Carve cutting Aluminum

Alex, was that your machine carving the aluminum? I am wondering why such thick Y axis stiffeners? I have just ordered the Suckit Dust boot as well.

I just got my Suckit Dustboot with the Z-Probe adapter… Did a cut and never had any spoils on the wasteboard… I highly recommend it…


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The only real issue I see with the suckit, is why is it not a split design?.. I’m finding it has made probing alot more difficult trying to squeeze my hands under the boot. Would be great to be able to slide the boot off with the bit down… BIG FLAW I find. I am almost tempted to try and cut it out myself and mod the boot

Hello Russell, Yes that was me cutting 1/8" Aluminum Plate (purchased through Inventables) the X-Carve did amazing with it. On my first attempt I screwed to and did not measure the thickness correctly and it cut past my tabs freeing the piece which caused a jam and lost a bit. But the second time it carved all 5 remaining plates in 2 hrs, I was running at 30" pm, .004 depth per pass. Had the 611 set at speed 6 with a 1/8 upcut but from Amazon.

I would not hesitate to cut Aluminum again the the future at all, very confident in how the new X-Carve cut it like butter. And again the SuckIT did exactly that kept the work spotless. I was barefoot in the garage and had zero concern of Aluminum chips on the floor.

Glad you ordered one… you are going to love it!

Ah OK from looking at the video of the cut the aluminum looks like it is at least half an inch thick. I am surprised to find out it is only one eighth. Thanks for the reply.

Phil I see you have cut 1/2" aluminum, however I thought he was cutting his stiffeners out of 1/2" and was wondering why such thick material for the y rail braces as 1/8 or 1/4 would do just fine. I did however find out from his post that he was actually using 1/8" and that I was seeing an optical illusion. Either that or my old mans magnifying glasses are working better than I thought…lol

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Geez, talk about major

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Yes I felt the same way! So I did mod mine and then glued in some extra bristles I had to fill in the gap, totally an amazing difference!
Still love the Suck-It!!