Best laptop

just ordered a new xcarve, any suggestions for a laptop to go with it?

I have a Dell latitude e 6400 laptop I got off the net for about 100 bucks. They are refurbished…whatever that means… and I run UGS with it out in my shed. They come with windows 7 or 10 loaded. It’s quite a bit more heavy duty than the cheaper toshiba I dropped.

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For Easel / Xcarve only even the simplest PC (or Mac) will suffice :slight_smile:
I use a Macbook from 2009 (laptop, connected to my machine) and iMac 27" (2010) for design.

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Any cheap laptop will do, although I find it problematic to run the X carve from a laptop, for…reasons…mainly that the laptop is often in the way, gets bumped and disconnects from the machine, or I need to take it somewhere while the machine is carving. But any computer with a moderately new OS (windows 7 or equivalent), usb ports, and a network connection will do. I prefer to use desktop machines and you can use a really cheap one, as in $25 thrift store cheap.

My machines use the equivalent of thrift store computers, donated by a community member. I loaded them with Ubuntu Linux and have been running two of the three machines on those since late 2018. I pull the cases apart and blow the dust out when I remember and I’d rather expose a crummy old computer to the dust of the shop and the X-Carve than ruin my laptop. I’ve mounted the monitors on posts so they are above the top of the gantry and I built keyboard shelves into the machine bases. The CPUs are in boxes under the work table and mostly out of the dust.

The newest machine, I’m working on it now, will run on a Raspberry Pi ($35 bucks baby!) but I am still having driver fits with it. Had it working last March with the help of one of the CS people at the University so I know it can be done, but I’ll probably have to get his help again and that’s on COVID hold for now.

Haldor, I swear I am NOT stalking you. :flushed:

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thank you all for your help


wondering the same thing since i’m having an old laptop from 2010 and i am wondering how it would run. i understand that you may not have issues with macs, but we all know that macos runs much better than old windows laptops like mine

Currently using a 12-yr old Mac mini with my XC. Works great!