Best option to make this sign

I was wondering what would be the best way to approach making this sign for a friend for the holidays? V carve or easel? I wanna do it pretty easy and fast. Something I can paint. I wanna make it about 14"x25"


Sean, I did a similar type project a while back (driftwood desk name plaques for a few folks at a sobriety group). Instead of going with the exact image, I had to break apart the various components and re-arrange them to fit the shape I was making. All the components of their business card were present and they really appreciated them. I guess my long winded point is don’t ignore other ways of doing this - in fact, how about cutting some of the pieces out and stacking them - kind of intarsia style? Good luck.

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Maybe even inlay some of the larger letters to keep the overall height down.

Yeah that would be amazing. I would just like to do a simple cut in easel but having issues simplifying the image and the person to come out. Any help would be great. I’ve never done an image like this

heres what I got so far

That looks really good so far. If worse comes to worse, clean those middle letters up and cut this from a contrasting or darker wood and glue it on. Then, at least you’ve captured the spirit! That’s gonna be a cool project.

how did it come out?
may i see it?

I’m gonna do it this weekend probably

Yep. I thought Vectric. It’s Easel I’m out. No experience there lol.

Yeah sorry guys I’d love to save up for that. I should’ve clarified and said f-engrave


From what I understand F-engrave is is similar. But I have never used it.

Are you still planning on using a v-bit for the text? I see you have the text depth still set to just over .25 inch. I usually set depth to .03 and work my way deeper in small increments. I imagine you’re going to be staining this and shallow text should be just enough to capture the stain. If painting, I go about .12 in my small text to hold a good amount of thin paint (after a couple coats of clear to avoid grain seep).

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I would use a digital substrate like a aluminum composite material called Max-Metal and just cut the profile on the cnc and then have a print shop overlay that with the image

I think a contrasting inlay would be an awesome addition.

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you used a 1/32" fish tail spiral for the entire carving?
was this sign from your friend’s church ministry?

The ones that die of thirst standing in a lake.