Best place to get clock parts

Just wondering were us the best place to get clock components. I’m going to be making a wall clock, just something simple, around 8" dia.


Why not make your own?

or Shapeoko forums: clockit: Free 3D Clock Designer

That said, Penn State Industries is the usual supplier for woodworkers:


(ob. discl. we print both of their catalogs at work last I checked)

Clockkit has been a constant supplier of clockworks for many years, even pre-web days when I was participating in dialup woodworking bulletin boards, especially for things like grandfather clocks, etc. But for a simply wall clock such as this one, I’ve used battery powered modules from Woodcraft quite a bit.

I’m sure Rockler would also have them, as well as Amazon. I just used a standard quartz movement powered by 1AA battery in this. It is a black box about 2x3 inches and 1/2" thick.


Michaels and AC Moore both have clock parts.

If you have a Hobby Lobby near, they have basic clock parts; battery operated clockworks, numbers, hands… Use that 40% off coupon.

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Second hobby lobby.4 pack with brass hands 19.99-40% off internet coupon

I picked up clocks at the good will store. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get mine from hobby lobby

I get clocks from several different places and all of those mentioned above are great!

  1. Goodwill in my area the clocks range from $1.50 - $3.00, take the mechanism and toss the rest.
  2. Hobbylooby I use 90% of the time. Use the 40% off coupon as mentioned, but if you have a smartphone, just download the app and you will always have a coupon, no need to get one off the internet and print it out, if you have your phone on you, you will always have a coupon.
  3. Michael’s in my area have a larger selection and I usually hit them up when I come across a 50% off coupon. (The clock parts are a tad more expensive at Michael’s, but Hobbylobby will only ever offer 40% off, they will never go above that, but it’s okay because you can simply go back the next day and use that same coupon again if you need other parts - but with the 50% off coupon I can get a better deal.)
  4. Joann’s selection is very small, but when they offer the 60% off coupon is when I will get my parts from them.
    …and lastly
  5. Ebay super cheap if you don’t mind waiting a bit as they are shipped from China.