Best Setting to Cut Corian?

Hey guys, I have a scrap white piece of Corian, and i want to make a clock.
What are the best settings for 1/8 and 1/16 end mill bits ? I work in mm.

I cut a lot of Corian (in fact, it’s about all I do cut). I run basically the same settings I use for wood, but my feed rates are conservative anyway. Corian cuts VERY good, nice and crisp details. Use a stiff bristle brush to clean up after the cuts. If I’m doing actual carving, many times I will run that part of the program twice to clean it up good.

It is also very good for painting engraved details. I spray-paint the carved detail, then wipe over it with a paper towel with a bit of solvent (I use charcoal lighter fluid). Use a block of wood or some other nice flat surface behind the paper towel so you’re not wiping down into the carved areas.

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