Best settings for engraving small text on acrylic

Hi, I just got the Inventables engraving mill bit, and need to know the best settings to engrave a small line of text (my domain name - about 2" wide by 1/4" tall, fairly small text) onto 1/8" thick acrylic.

Depth Per Pass
Feed Rate
Spindle RPM
What “Bit Size” (under Machine) do I choose for the engraving bit (1/8" diameter) sold by Inventables?

Anything else I should know about before I attempt engraving?

Thanks for all your help!!


The 1/8" bit will give you rounded corners. To get sharper corners you need a smaller diameter bit.

What kind of spindle are you using?

Oh, it’s 1/8" shank diameter, the bit is your Engraving Bit ($2 part number 30499-01). The spindle is the standard spindle for X-Carve (300W 24V Spindle). I want to do a light engraving in 1/8" thick acrylic.

Depth Per Pass (.010 is a good starting point and increase to .015 then .020 if necessary. Sometimes the wood is uneven. I wouldn’t go beyond .020".)
Feed Rate try 20ipm with engraving bits if you go to fast they snap.
Spindle RPM full speed
What “Bit Size” (.005) This is an approximation we are working on making it so you can select the actual bit in easel.

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that first one is meant to be .010

Whoops! Good catch @sketch42 (fixed)

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