Best time to attach dust collection shoe?

Hey guys, new X-carve owner/user. My zero is set to the x,y intersect, lower left, 0,0. During the pre-carve setup, home/probe etc, I’m running into an issue with when I’m supposed to slide on the dust shoe. It cant be before the probing setup because its in the way of the probe itself. However, after the probe sequence, there’s not enough room to slide it on between the material and the height of the router. And once you hit carve, the router lowers itself even more. When are we supposed to be sliding this dust shoe on?!?!?!

Just before you hit the final ‘carve’/go button, just jog the spindle up enough to clear allowing you to install the dust shoe.

Also, in the middle of a carve, you can press the || pause button on the
xController to stop the carving and it will raise the bit to the top limit/home switch(if installed). Install your dust shoe and then press the > play button to resume.

Raising or jogging the spindle after the homing probe sequence wont effect the zero?

This is what’s happening. My spinning router bit is colliding with my clamps, and there is no height clearance for the dust shoe to fit without severely interfering and practically breaking he bristles off.

Once you home, you can jog all over the place. After you probe, and click ‘set XY’ you can also jog anywhere needed.

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In machine settings, you can also set your bit safety height to clear your clamps if you’d like.

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In response to the clamps being in the way…

I have the small X-Carve, and I found that the clamps take up much needed space. I just started using carpet tape to hold the wood down. Only used it 3 times on short carves, but it has worked great.

(I got the recommendation from either this forum or r/hobbycnc)


Once you have Confirmed Home Position that point is stored as an offset to Machine Zero (homing cycle)
It is stored in persistent memory and can be used between power cycles - assuming all things are equal.

If a different end mill is inserted you need to re-zero Z axis.

So a good work flow is as follows:

  • Power machine up, perform a homing cycle
  • Jog to intended work zero position (Easel Home Position) and Confirmed Home Position
  • Carve
    After the home position is confirmed you can jog your machine all over without loosing positional syncronisation (unless there is a defect)

Should you want to restart the same carve, or it was interrupted for any reason simply:

  • Reset controller
  • Perform the homing cycle
  • Carve, confirming Use Previous Home
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I made my z-probe longer and replaced the clamp with a magnet so it slides off of the collet when I pull it. For me it is a lot easier than fumbling with the clamp in the small area. I only remove the dust shoe to change bits.

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