Best tool for cutting tabs

I just started using a cordless Oscillating tool to cut tabs and I am very happy with it! $40 is a good price (you will also need to purchase $10 cutting blade also)

Harbor Freight has a 20% off coupon for the holiday weekend

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I’ve been using one too. Here’s what I have. About $20.

I use this:

That is a good price for a corded tool.

It has held up surprisingly well. I have found a lot of other uses for it and use it regularly. It comes with sanding attachment with pads, a scraper, and saw blade. An excellent value. When it breaks, I’ll buy another…

Use a dremel tool with a cut off (toothed) blade. Works just fine.

I use my bandsaw.

I use hammer…, just kitting. I was purchase hand blade saw kit with multiple blades comes with, about $8, never have problem. I’m affraid of destroying edge of the job after finish long run with the power tools.

Scroll saw or band saw.