Best way to upload fonts?

Hey all, just curious if there is a specific way to upload fonts into easle for the absolute highest quality?

Right now i’m converting .jpeg files into SVG files (thats the best way i’ve found for highest quality so far).

I’ve been finding myself spending a lot of time designing (which is expected), just trying to reach out and see if theres any ways i can cut down time. Right now my choice fonts (downloaded from the web) look pretty good when i upload them into easel, but i’ll find some swoops and curves that i have to fix cause they’re not perfect.

It could also be the particular font im using, not entirely sure… any info would be great.


That would be a dream come true haha. Hope it happens!

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I don’t really understand the problem. You can make any system font into outlines and edit to your heart’s content in any vector program. Then export to svg and import into easel

Are you making the jpg to convert or downloading one?

If you’re making it, as @anon68752607 says, the vector programs usually allow text entry and conversion to outlines.

If you’ve re-drawn the characters of a font as vector elements, then you load them into Easel as an SVG, then the reproduction in Easel will be as good as your re-drawing.

If you have a font on your system, but which Easel doesn’t have, the best way to get it into Easel at this time is to set the text in a vector graphics program, then convert the text to paths (save a copy first if you want to be able to edit as text) and then load the paths into Easel as you would any other graphic.

Ok, thanks for all the info! would inkscape be a good program to do this in? I’ve seen alot of people in here that like to use inkscape.

Yes, select the text and choose

Path | Object to Path
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What am i supposed to save the svg file as? “inkscape svg” and “regular svg” are not importing into easel for me properly.

When i do that, at the bottom of inkscape it says “No objects to convert to path in the selection”.

It works when text is selected here — check in outline mode?

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Hmm, still having issues. Even when I set the “object to path”.

-Will, How do i check in outline mode?

Okay, did that, set “object to path”, saved it as an Optimized SVG and Easel still won’t import.