Best wood waterproofer and clear exterior sealant?

I am making a wood paint palette, so I want it completely waterproof. And I am making a first sign. It’s going to be only natural wood, no stain, so I need a top notch clear exterior sealer against rain and uv. What have you guys/ladies used?

Unfortunately, nothing really lasts. I’ve had the best results with Helmsan Poly with UV protection. But here is a photo from 2010 - a toddler chair finished with this poly. This chair lives outside in the sun and elements. Today, much of the poly has flaked away, leaving grey wood. However, I have a sign coated in poly at the same time that is hanging on an exterior wall - in the shade and it remains perfect. Sun is a real killer. Granted - 7 years is a long time and you could always, sand and recoat every two years. A good quality poly with UV is the best so far - but sill not great.

For the pallet - maybe melting parafin and painting it on would be good for that. You could always recoat. If not, a drying oil like linseed which will penetrated and then harden.

I think to get seven years is pretty good. I was thinking five would be a lifetime to tell my customer. Nothing is going to last forever, but with hardwood they can just sand and re-seal. Thanks for the suggestions.

I will probably share it when I’m done. It’s the first sign I will have made, but I’m still about a week out from beginning. We we’re pretty swamped for Easter, and I’m now back to about a two week turn-around. How did you do for Easter? Do holidays effect your sales much?

They did not seem to have an effect. Christmas was crazy. But, I don’t get many sales. Like two or three a month. But that is about what I can handle with work, kids, and now that the ice is gone - FISHING.

Oh, with all of the projects of yours I have seen on the forum I assumed you were doing this full time. I understand about the lack of time, though. :wink:

That’s what the guy at Sherwin Williams suggested, or a Zar product

Had any experience with this?

Yes. Water based is a different animal. It dries faster but is more difficult to achieve a perfect finish in gloss for me. You should try both water and oil based to see which you like better (much small cans of course).

Also, the spray cans can be handy for applying multiple light coats and sanding in between.


Perhaps coat it with epoxy (or fiberglass resin) on the working surface?

For the paint pallet? I’ve never worked with Epoxy, do have a product you would suggest?

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how well it would work for that application, but I’ve had good luck using it for waterproofing before. The exact brand isn’t particularly important, but I’d likely go with at least 15min cure time, just to give you some time to spread it well.

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