Better programs?

so who has found a better operating software? ive tried fusion 360, but my computer cant keep up. i need a new pc. these machines are capable of so much more than just operating inside easel or its nearly identical twin easel pro. is there anything else better out there value wise than fusion 360? somewhere between fusion 360 and easel?

Fusion 360 is free to hobbyists and small $ businesses.

Carbide Create is another free program that is similar to Easel.

Check out the Vectric products for paid software. Vcarve desktop, PRO, Aspire. They have lots of tutorials and a demo download of their products.

Many other programs available.


Fusion 360 and Easel are quite different programs — one is a 3D modeling and CAD tool, the other a 2.5D CAM and vector drawing tool with additional features / plug-ins.

There’s a bit of discussion about the different sorts of software at: (and there are links to pages w/ further information).

Which software package(s) you pick depends on what sort of work you want to do and what you find limiting in Easel.

I’d agree w/ @LarryM that Vectric is most likely the software package which you want — their pricing model is rather nice, since one can buy in at any level, then upgrade to a higher one at any time, and no penalty, just by paying the difference in cost.

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