Beveled Letters

So I pour a lot of decorative concrete. Sinks, Countertops, Signs. I’m trying to cut out letters to make individual concrete molds. I reverse the letters so when I pour my concrete the come out correctly. what I’m trying to do is make the bottom of my carved letter beveled. I’m trying to get the bottom of my cut out to look like the picture!


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If I understand you right, wouldn’t the only way to accomplish a bevel like that be to use a bullnose bit? Or is it the other way around?

Do the letters stand out like 3D, or are they carved out when finished like a regular wood sign would be?

use a bowl bit Amana tools

Easel / Easel Pro dont support that so you´ll need to cheat by using a bit with chamfer/radius as Steve suggest. If that wont work for you then your next option is to generate the design in a difference software and use a tool capable of that reach.

Thanks! How do I set it up in Easel to cut the letter out and then use the bowl bit at the bottom?

Here are some pictures of what I’m trying to do…we use caulk when we form a countertop to give a rounded edge. It would be impossible to do individual letters like this. So I need to incorporate it into the cut.

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Hello Brian,
If I were to do something like this I would use the bowl bit to cut on inside path at the depth that I wanted. Then I would use a flat endmill and clear out pocket on the remaining material. In this sample I made the letters 16" and used a 1/2" bowl bit to cut first. Then I had to do a .25 offset to the inside of the letter so when I use the endmill is wont go all the way to the edge. You will have some cleanup on some corners but it should work. Just an idea :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully you understand what I’m saying.

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Depending on the size of the letters and the bit you purchase you may be able to do it with the bit in one step. Easel will not recognize the bowl bit you will set it as a straight cut endmill. You may also need to change your stepover depending on the size of the bit and width of the letter. There are a lot of choices bull nose and bowl bits. Find one that works well with the font and the size of the font you want to use

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