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Bezier slopes?

So, who wants to play??? I am trying to learn how the bezier slopes work. The goal of this project is to put a gentle curve on the inside of a 8 x 12 “tray”. I kinda figured out the initial “bezier” (.5,0,1,.5) .75 deep, .75 wide with 60 levels. The issue I have run into are the corners… I tried putting a triangle on the end at a 45* to create a “miter” but when I “combine” the 2 all the layers go away :frowning:.

Any of you guys wanna give me a hint on how to match these corners up? I am using the “Bezier Slope Generator” for this. My next option is to try the “Super Gradient Generator” for a 4 sided object, but I have not touched that one yet…

Thank you, Drew

Make a box with rounded corners, select it, then try the Super Gradient Generator APP


Thanks Steve!! Trying that now