Bills jtec laser pictures

Thought i would start a topic so i can show my progress using my jtec. tried some stuff, they were built in vcarve pro, saved using jtec PP then ran using picsender.

tried doing Nike but used 200 instead of 255 rpm trying to make it lighter which worked compared to my 255 one.

here i tried a save the date this is roughly 2inX2in in size first it filled second is just the vector outlines.
svae date

here is kinda tattoo style cross and rose.

last is a celtic knot with birds. this took just under 3 hrs to do.this is 10in x 10in. my horizintal lines top and bottom has a lighter section and burned alot lighter. any clues which may cause this? the verticals are nice thick and burned just right. i am thinking of coloring these and then doing a finish.