Birch Coasters with POINTY Inlays - Thanks V-Carve

Slicing up some birch, using up my walnut scraps. I think I might be addicted to the V-Carve Inlay Gadget. If you can find the PDF tutorial, it is a great supplement to the video tutorial - I wish I would have found this PDF before carving all of these coasters. These have < 1mm mating joint on the inlay - the PDF explains the different settings much better.


Awesome job, @Earwigger! I love that look. Don’t have V-Carve (on a Mac) but I hope to be able to do similar using Easel! Great job

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These coasters are soooo cool! Looks like a great Christmas gift to me. Where did you get the Birch?

OUt of a fireplace in a cottage that was being torn down. I try to salvage all of my wood.

These are for sale at:


Even pointy-er (poinier?) inlays.

I give you… the hedgehog.


Those are pretty awesome. Nice work.

Thanks. The v-carve inlays get really thin at those points and tend to flake off or flake out when you sand them flat. Here is a stag coaster - the hoofs kept popping out and you need a microscope to find them. I think I finally have coasters out of my system.

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