Birthday Turtle

Here is a small birthday gift I recently made for my wife. She collects small turtle ornaments, so I figured I would make her a special one with my X-Carve. She loved it :).

The design was inspired from a similar (but considerably larger) turtle I saw online. Made out of oak wood from my local Home Depot. I feel that I am finally getting the technique down for cleanly coloring in the engravings thanks to all the excellent tips and advice all you fine people provide in this forum.

Anyways, hope you like it.


Yes, the wheel axles were made from a paper clip… lol!

The wheels do spin and the turtle does roll.


Really nice, I like the Idea! Its a sweet gift.

Now you Can add another and make her a christmas tree Ornament with a turtle :wink:

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that is sooooo cute

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. It sure was fun watching it come to life. It was kind of funny watching my large 1000mm X-Carve pumping out such a small item.

I may do a Christmas tree ornament too Christoph… we’ll see if time allows since I am already working on several other projects now and during the Christmas & New Years break.


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