Holiday Ornament Template (Fast and easy gift idea)

Hi Everyone,

I created a template and guide for making customized holiday ornaments! You can never start making holiday gifts early enough, hopefully this guide and template will help some of you make last minute and not-so-last minute gifts.

If you use the template to make an ornament, please post it below!

This glitter acrylic was perfect for these!

This one is for my Mom. The big flakes of gold and silver are perfect for her.

I also had some fun with the Voronoi app :slight_smile:


I used the template to build an ornament with hanging bells!

I was inspired by my favorite holiday movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. I honestly can’t even watch the opening credits without starting cry, just because I know how good it’s going to be every time. With Clarence as my inspiration, I wanted an ornament with ringing bells (“Get me! I’m giving out wings!”).

I purchased the jingle bells at a craft store and attached them with thread. You can use my design here (there are some different sizes):

Here are the final ornaments:

This one uses a mini-ornament from a tiny tree I own:


Here’s one I made for my parents!


Working on a design now - Voronoi tree


We made a quick video to show our process!


Let’s just say this wasn’t really fast or easy (I went a little crazy on it actually), but I like the outcome.

A gift for some good friends on their new baby’s first Christmas:


Success! Hoping it will look better on a tree than with this industrial backdrop.


These are really cool.
Thanks for sharing.

It looks great… great idea.

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I’m working on one for my baseball-obsessed husband. Let’s hope he doesn’t read the forum and see this before Christmas! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I did do it all in Easel. I found a leaf pattern that I liked but the image trace was too messy – even with the smoothing to the max, so I painstakingly traced it using the pen tool in Easel. It would definitely have been faster in Illustrator or Inkscape, but I wanted to do it all in Easel as a challenge to myself.

I also went through ~5 other design iterations, so this is only the final design after much hemming and hawing!

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Love the baseball idea! I know a certain kid who would have been all over that. :wink:

Thanks! It’s plywood, so I just carved off the top dark layer to get the different colors.

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I think the mood lighting in the office makes it look like it was stained in the photo.


Hi again,

@mstych Did a live Easel session with some of our newest Easel users. You can check out this longer tutorial here:


Those are pretty cool. I like how you used the glitter acrylic. It’s a perfect application for that material.

How thick are your ornaments?

I simplified the design a bit and carved it out of 1/8" Padauk (an Inventables favorite).

I couldn’t be more chuffed with how it looks!


The wood Christmas ones :grinning:

Thanks, I thought 3/4 would be a bit heavy.