Bit Breakage

Has anyone else had any luck carving with the 1/8" straight bits. Everyone I have tried to carve with break in the spindle of the router. I am carving birch plywood and have easel pro and leave the bit speed and cut alone. Is the set for these bits not right. I have tried to slow down the speed of cut and have also reduced the depth of cut to 0.005 and they still end up braking. I have no trouble with the other 1/8th" bits just the straight ones. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to salve this problem except cut down the speed and depth of cut to nothing. I don’t want a one (1) hour cut to take me 11 hours.

If you’re using the 1/8" straight bits from Inventables they should work good. I just used one to cut plywood and ran it at .1" depth of cut, feed rate of 60 in/min and plunge rate 12 in/min. Something may be going on with the chuck or the router if they’re breaking inside the router.

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Russell Crawford I have no idea what’s going on all I know is that the 1/8" straight bits always break and the other 1/8" bits I use work fine even with the increasing the speed and depth. I can run my 1/16" and the 32nd" bits deeper and faster than any 1/8" bit with no breakage.

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I have tried 4 - 1/32nd bits and broke all 4. So if you’re using them your machine and settings must be good

Do you have a dust shoe?
Straight flute bits aren’t great at clearing their chips. If you’re slotting, it may help to hit it with a vacuum or compressor once in a while.

NeilFerreri1 no I don’t have the dust shoe on my machine. I just can’t understand what the problem is with the straight 1/8" bits that cause them to always break when carving. I just won’t waste my money getting them from inventables any more. I have no problems with the other 1/8" bits like the upper cuts nor the others used. I think there is a weak spot in the bits when manufactured as they all seem to break at the same place just up into the spindle about 1/4" inside. Oh well what can I say.

If the bit break inside the collett there is something not right with how it is inserted into the clamp/tightened. Can you provide a picture?

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Slotting is tough anyway. Slotting without clearing chips is really tough. You’ve got to clear the chips…an upcut endmill does it on its own. A straight flute will not.