Bit choice for Aluminum engraving for stamp

So Im wanting to carve out a pretty detail design (not yet made) in aluminum to use as a stamp to do foil imprinting in leather. I havent done any aluminum carving yet so curious if a 1/16" bit is available that can handle aluminum and recommendations.

Have a 500mm x-carve with dewalt 611, so 1/8" shank. Know Ill want either a single or 2F bit, but not sure the type of bit or material of the bit to be strong enough. So recommendations (with links)

Also I have a bunch of these:
Can those be used on Aluminum? Thanks for any tips on this

Perfect application for a fine V-bit or small point tapered ball nose.
I would consider brass though for your application.

See this for some pointers (pun intended :slight_smile: )

So detail is more fine in the x,y not so much in the z like that video…though that was amazing.
Looking for 2d level but with enough detail to make a stamp that has patterns like this:

These are what you want:
(V-bits last longer and dont break that easily + provide detail a straight bit cant give you)

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