Bit classifaction

How would you all enter this bit into Easel?

As far as I know, Easel isn’t calculating chipload or anything. That’s just a 1/8th inch flat end mill.
What are you cutting?


I just used it on hard maple.

I was looking for a good alternative for the 1/8 “black ring bit”. They have been breaking on it like crazy on plywood. I have slowed everything down and changed the depth of cut. Feel like I should be able to cut multiple pieces before breaking a bit.

unless you’re cutting steel, I’d not recommend those bits.

you would probably be better off using “3.175mm” in your bit search rather than the 1/8" value…:
Here are some that are identical to the black banded ones from inventables:

and here’s a lot more 1/8" sized ones to choose from:

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Thank you for the tip, would you select the black ring bit when using the first ones you suggested?

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you certainly can they are identical sized and cut type bits, I’ve never actually used an Inventables bit. so I tend to not use the pre-set bits in the toolbox either…

Those bits will not work well on wood, they are designed to cut steel. For ultra hard materials (steel, cast iron, etc you need more flutes, typically for soft things like Wood or 6060 Aluminum you want 1-2 flutes). Easel’s tool path generator is not the most sophisticated so you’re not able to do things like an adaptive tool path like Fusion or Mastercam which keep the pressure on the bit constant and allow much greater depth of cut without sacrificing end mills.

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