Bit doesn't touch material after probing

I am having issues with my bit sometimes not making contact with my material after probing. I did one project with the same bits and same size material, placing the bit in the router in the same spot. But when I went to carve the second project, the bit never touched the material. I wound up having to move the bit down some in the collet to get it to cut. But then, when I put the detail bit in, in the same place I had to move the first bit to to make contact, it didn’t make contact again. I assumed that where the bit was put in the router wouldn’t matter as long as you probe the machine. Is this incorrect? Could someone please make me understand what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

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You have two options: 1) put down a secondary waste board 12 mm thick.
2)You can lower your “Z” assembly 6 mm down

Hi Sharon, what model cnc is this?

There’s a known issue with the newest X-Carve Z axis position as shown in the assembly guide and this video might help if you’ve got an X-Carve with the new Z axis…

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