Bit keeps breaking

ok so im using a 1/32 bit and im cutting ing to pine plywood and the bit keeps breaking can anybody tell me shoud i put the setting on so this dosent happen or im just using a cheap bit

Those break easy, and I understand the temptation to get all those lovely details projects can bring out.
You can start by slowing down and not going so deep. If you want to be real kind don’t go deeper than .015.

Should I also slow the speed of the dewalt motor also

In most cases speed 1 works, it’s already very fast even at 1. In general you have about 150 operating hours on the brushes before they most likely need to be replaced. They are not expensive or hard to get, just no need to wear them out any faster.

Depending on your project, you may want to hog out the material in a roughing cut, then come back in with the more precise tools. Though, obviously this matters depending on what software you have at your disposal.

Most likely the only two setting to mess with would be >>plunge rate<<OOPS:(Meant DOC) and feed rate,

You may want to take a look at this guide: A guide to understanding basic Feeds and Speeds

EDIT: Take easel’s recommendations with a grain of salt for feed and plunge. It seems the type of material affects the values more than the type of bit. So, running through plywood with a 1/8" bit would be fine with the settings, while a 1/32" bit will break. A generic rule is >>plunge<<oops EDIT:(Depth of Cut) value should be 1/2 the bit diameter.

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Disagree… Unless you meant DOC should be half?


You are absolutely right, I meant depth of cut

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I was gonna say i plunge at 50ipm in mdf with 1/4" bits and pocket at 150-175.

I’m glad you caught that, his machine would just run gawd awful slow, especially on 3d :slight_smile:

in 3d i believe the plunge should match the feed in the clean up pass for sure!

Oh, i have had it running real slow before :slight_smile: I have a feeling though, without the OP stating it. He’s trying to do a design and kept getting red line in preview, and kept reducing bit size till easel was happy. That’s just a guess cause I think most of us had been there done that,

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If thats the case @PhilJohnson Recommends using a tapered bit.


Are you talking like a 60 or 90 degree v bit and mike I never even lowered the speed it’s been on 6 all the time guess I need to lower it down to 1 or 2 I guess

Def keep it at one… but its called a tapered endmill>>>
Its a lot stronger since the width narrows gradually and is not thin all the way down…


Tapered end mill is for finishing passes not hogging! Do the hogging with the largest bit that will fit.

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You can shop around, I don’t want to assume this is the best price: Dewalt 611 Brushes
Though, the 4packs seem to be cheaper, than 2 two packs. I would recommend finding the best price and ordering to have on hand.

3 Good hunches you need new brushes… Sputtering, Stuttering and Sparking.

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