Bit not cutting to depth of cut

This problem just started today and it is if I set a routed depth of 1/4" I end up with less than 1/8", if that much. Several times I only got about 1/16th inch depth. I have gone back and checked all settings in all windows during the engraving setup and all looked fine. I manually set the zero by touching the work piece with the tip of the bit. Ideas??? Also having about the same problem using my z-probe. The bit will stay the depth of the touch disc above the work piece. I carved some really nice lettering in the air today!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What changed in the last 11 hours?

Is $102 still set correctly?

Not sure on the $102, Seth. Not in my shop now, will check it tomorrow. What should it be? The only thing different is I downloaded LghtBurn a couple of days ago to run a JTech laser on my x-carve. But would that effect Easel?

The grbl settings are stored on the chip in the xcontroller, so only if you edited them OR redus the machine setup within easel which will change them on you automatically…

Thanks Seth. I will look into this a lot more tomorrow.


Seth, just wanted you to know life got in the way and no internet for a coupe of days so have not had the chance to work on my 1000 setup. :frowning_face:Hopefully tomorrow I will.

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