Bit not touching the wood

Ok, I did some searching in the group but didn’t find anything. Heres whats up.
Have files that were built in Easel. Been there for months. Haven’t used x carve in a week. Go to use today and no matter what file I try to carve, the bit just carve about a .16 of an inch above the wood. It doesn’t matter what I change my cutting depth to or if I use Z probe or manual probe. Same results.
Looks like there was an auto update because I am seeing a few new features that I didn’t see a few weeks ago. I haven’t physically changed any settings but something has changed. Any help is appreciated.

I am having the same issue but only with certain parts of what I carve.

This could be the issue>>

OR the calibration of the cnc itself, to get the calibration settings back to stock you can redo the machine setup and make sure to select the right year model and any upgrade options…
OR do the manual calibration like this video shows and include the Z axis as well (i forget if he shows the z axis in the video, but its the exact same concept as x,y but $102 setting for Z)

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