Bit raises out of the wood then back in

Hi All,
While doing a through cut, the machine follows the pattern but at each circuit around it pulls the bit all the way out of the wood and then puts it back in. The project still finishes but that seems to be a waste of time.
Any idea what the purpose of this is?

Well Easel is the simplest of cnc CAM softwares, and as such many settings are taken out of the users purview and have been setup by the developers within the toolpath calculation algorithm.

the lifting of the bit between passes might be there to aid in clearing chips from the flutes of the bit. this could come in handy when one is using an entry level cnc with something like a belt driven design where failing to clear the chips from the bit well enough could cause things with the cnc as a whole and that could be bad news… but that’s just my speculation there.

If you need more control of the machine, you may soon find yourself needing to move away from easel and into other software options…