Bit / Router shudder

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, having just bought a 2nd hand 2020 1000mm x-carve. (my first CNC)
I’m creating a sign as a test project in maple where the letters are raised and the background is cut away. (12x16 inches) and I’m currently in the roughing stage with a 1/8" roughing bit. I placed the workpiece in the middle of the wasteboard, and my roughing cuts are 0.04" on each pass.

I’ve noticed that the cutting bit shudders when cutting from the center of the MakerSlide but diminishes and disappears towards the edges of the board. This happens regardless of whether the router is moving right to left, or left to right.

The 2GT Belts looked to be in good order, and I believe I’ve tensioned them ok. I also believe that the drill bit is newish and sharp. Default speed is 32i/pm. Speeding up or slowing down the cutting rate doesn’t appear to resolve the problem. The machine is still cutting right now so I havent been able to check the tightness of screws etc.

Any thoughts on where I should troubleshoot this? Is this an issue with MakerSlide stiffness?



James’s welcome to the form, have you check your V wheels? there is four eccentric nuts on your carriage and on your Z assembly.
Your “V” wheels should be tight, if you can spin them freely? they are too loose.


Hi Ken - thanks! I’ll check them after the job I’m running has finished and report back!

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Just to update - I checked the eccentic nuts and one was looser than you suggested - so I have tightened and it looks to have solved the problem. Thanks again Ken


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