Bit selection for deeper cuts

I am trying to cut wood that is 3/4" to 1" in depth. The problem I am having is the bit is not long enough and is leaving a burn mark on the material. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Get longer bits? Sorry… I think it is that simple though… There are plenty out there that have flutes longer than 1". I would recommend looking at something like that.

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Depending on shape etc - it may be quicker (and less prone to problems) to carve halfway down then rough saw the part out, and use a flush trim bit (hand held or table) to cut the remaining wood off.

What bit are you currently using? Maybe I can suggest some for you to purchase. lists

3" o.a.l., 1" flute, very well made, one can go a bit deeper than an inch w/o too much difficulty from rubbing in most materials.

Don’t bite off more than you can cut… har har har.