Bit Selection Help/Advice request

Brand new of course. I’m figuring out this thing still and my limits. I just purchased a bit and completely overlooked the part where it states it was made for foam cutting. I was intending on using it for wood. I’m glad I checked but now it leaves me wondering if bits made for other purposes can be used for others? I looked up the feeds listing but it only lists foam.

It’s an expensive bit so looking for more experienced advice before I take the literal plunge.


I would not use a foam cutting bit on wood. Almost any other end mill would be acceptable in wood.
Of the top of my head I think the foam cutters have a deeper flute and, therefore, a thinner core.

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That is the confirmation I was looking for sadly. I was holding onto some hope though I would have been ok. I purchased it because it had the longer reach but dang. Super dang.

On the plus side, when you come across that moment where you need to cut some thick foam, you won’t have to drop $60 on the endmill.

Funny I just did some the other day too for a systainer. But did it with the Shaper Origin and a 1/8" upcut. :]

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