Bit Set for 3D Carving

I’m venturing into the world of 3D carving and wanted to know what main bits are most recommended. Is there a complete set of high quality bits I can purchase in one shot or would they most likely have to be purchased separately?

Last but not least, should I also invest in the Makita router over the Dewalt?

Thank you all once again.

Makita is the way to go, cutting tools/bits depends on what you want to spend.
Amana has good set or you can check out spetool I believe amazom carries then cheaper spetool web site

Thanks Ken, I will go with Amana for sure. Can you recommend which bits? Should I use 1/8 or 1/4 bits?

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Thank you, I noticed there isn’t a ball nose tip bit of any kind in this set. I would imagine I need one.

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I use this brand for my tapered ball bits.

That tapered bit is a ball nose, spetool bits are great also

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There is a new one out for tapered ball nose called the skinney jenney that getting a lot of traffic on the FB groups that I will get eventually. . I have a mixture of Ammana and Amazon bits.

I used this one again yesterday worked great.


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