Bit Set, parameters


Can you please give me parameters (Cutting Diameter, Cutting Length, Overall Length, Ring Color) for this bit set: “Bit Set for Fine Detail Engraving” 30653-01 , 30729-01 ?


I wish I could but since all bits have minor differences I would have to have the bit in hand to accurately do that for you.

as far as giving you the advertised dimensions you can look on the web site same as anyone else.

but here is a sample of what you get with 30653-01 set.
under Technical Data
Material Solid Carbide
Cutting Length (1/16" Bits) 0.31 in
Cutting Length (1/32" Bits) 0.12 in
Overall Length 1 1/2 in
Shank Diameter 1/8 in
Type Fish Tail Bits
Best for Cutting Corian, plastic, linoleum, aluminum (1/8 in only)

just look at the specs listed in the prospected page. for that it was

Thank you Kenneth very much for your reply.

We have the drill bits set from Inventables and we have to drill holes which have these diameters: 0.8 mm, 1.2 mm, 3.0 mm, and 4.5 mm.
Do you know what are the best “Pass Depth”, “Spindle Speed” and “Plunge Rate” parameters for these holes on FR-4, Cut Depth: 1.6 mm ?