Bit suggestion

I have just finish my cnc and I have bought from the inventables store this bits:

I have some questions:

  1. for what is meant every single bit, for which jobs do I use it?
  2. If i wanna achieve something like this:

what bit I have to use?
3) I need some more bits or that bits is a good start?

At the moment i wanna work with wood (also mdf) and acrylic plastic.


@PietroNompleggio welcome!
The bit selection process should start with the material you are planning to cut.
You already have the information on the bits.
Inventables already explained what material they are recommended for.
From there, select the smallest bit size (diameter) required to cut the smallest inside corners.

Thanks for the answer, so for that three example, what you suggest to use? for MDF wood or pine wood?

In this case you are starting backwards.
You are basing your material selection on the bits you have available.
In this case, a ball end mill I would not recommend for anything. Ball mills are generally used for finishing. It will leave a round bottom on your material. Probably not what you are going for.

Any of the other bits you purchased will be fine for soft wood (pine or MDF).
Just start milling, use Easel’s recommended feed rates.
Do NOT USE Fusion 360’s default feed rates.
Since you seem new to milling, I wouldnt even recommend using Fusion 360 at first.
Become familiar with Easel and your machine; find it’s limits and go from there.

Ok, you sad any of the other bits you purchased will be fine for soft wood, so what bit I have to use?

Please try them all.

Ok, I have bought some component on Inventables like the bits and some other stuff to build my own CNC, I haven’t a shapeoko or X-Carve, can I anyway use this forum and Easel? or not?

If your CNC is GRBL based, it will probably work with Easel.
Regarding forums, Inventables or one like CNCZone will work too.

Yes, is GRBL based, I have a CNC Shield and the machine is a OX CNC, I have a Spindle 48V that works at 12000rpm and at the moment i doesn’t have speed controller, so always 12.000rpm.
But i have notice that with Easel sometime doesn’t work well, I generate the GCode with easel and use UnivervasalGCodeSender and works fine

What would be the suggested Bit for CORIAN?

Thank you!