Bit width? Outline coming up short and skinny

Using a .25" bit

Cutting outlines and the shape is off by 3/8th" wide and 3/8th in length.


Probably cutting on the line instead of outside the line

Is there a way to adjust? I’d rather not have to add .25 to all design elements.

Also having issue that design element that is supposed to be centered is off to the right by .25

Did I miss something in calibration?

the picture you show shows on the tab shape click on the cut tab and there are choices on the bottom

You’ve got 2 different cuts happening from what I can see on your screen grab.

Should be easy enough to clean up. Was this an Image trace?

Can you share your Easel project?

This was an age trace.

Will share project

I see the TAB info. But I do not see where I can direct the Xcarve to cut “On the line.”

apologies for my ignorance.

You actually want “Outside” not “On Path”. On path would reduce the size by half the bit diameter on either side.

So the ON PATH and OUTLINE are both being cut. creating the extra trim?

Okay. Must be missing something obvious.

Here are two photos First is the look with On Path.

Second is outside.

Neither give me my true 6 x 12 dimensions.

You’ve got 2 traces there.

Use the Xploder app and it should take it down to 1 shape that you can size appropriately and cut an outline once.

Okay. Line drawing from photoshop.

Image Trace

I only see one line.

I try Xploder. NOTHING shows up.

You’ve got a shape, not a line. This is vector not bitmap.

Easel is trying to carve both sides of the shape like it’s supposed to do. You’ve gotta make that shape into a line.

What worked for me was to select it, use the Xploder app, then I had a single line.

Okay. I did everything you mentioned. Will test carve again tonight. Appreciate you hanging with me.

But just looking at the preview, it looks as though the router will cut on the inside, decreasing width and length.

Somethings still off. I wouldn’t carve that yet.

This is what I see:

That was after I did the Xploder app on what you had originally.

Hey Justin.

Wow. Thanks for all the follow ups.

Things are better, though I do notice a 1/16th still off. Not the end of the world, but means I have to take that into consideration as I carve,

Much appreciated!

You might be fighting the bit not cutting the ideal width.

What most people will do is carve a box outline and then measure the actual cutting diameter.

Some say just do a straight line but I like to do a box and measure all 4 sides, this would show if you’ve got an issue with X or Y cutting too large/small due to deflection or out of tram.