Bits, Bits, and oh Bits?

So I am going to get some bits to work with this…

All we have is one tapered bit, and one ball nose.
(well have the V bits as well, and standard straight ones).

What is everyone thinking.

Excited to get going on this.

Might need to order a few bits:

To be honest, I’m not sure what the best bits will be to get for this. Would love to hear some feedback from others!

Thanks for the suggestions… Certainly going to be a new area, and feedback is going to be great.

I used a 1/4" downcut for my roughing and an 1/8" ball nose for the detailed.

This ball nose specifically:


I have used the same 1/4 and 1/8" bits that Brian shared, to success in hard maple. The way that the toolpaths are calculated, you could also use Tapered Ball Nose (TBN) bits, and the only thing which might not turn out correctly would be vertical sidewalls.


Tapered ball bits would be best to achieve the most detail, but looks like no accounting for the side angle, so that would cause issues with vertical walls as vertical walls will get cut into more than intended.

EDIT: I just read Bens comment about vertical walls :sweat_smile:

Any plans to incorporate TBN support?

@SethCNC can you provide some instances where one would need/want a vertical wall within a relief carving?

Im going to borrow ethans eagle photo for this example…

The beak requires the side angle of the TBN to be accounted for or the beak will be distorted as if carves down to the bottom of the wall here using the specs of a bull nose bit… this would be worsened with other specific designs of course.


I just love your professionalism :slight_smile:

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