Bits for Detailed Ply Work

Hi. I’m getting on well with many projects using 2-flute straight cutters and V-carving but need a bit to do more detailed work for cutting layers into plywood. My current 1-flute 3mm bit is shredding the edges.

So advice please? It needs to be a 1/4 shank diameter though, around 3mm diameter and the awkward bit - I’m UK based!

Trend do an upcut (and downcut) bit which should work but it’s £25. Are there any cheaper options? I do have a 1/8" collet reducer but would rather stick with a 1/4" bit.

There’s also this one… but only HSS.

Just found this. £13.

A good all around bit that actually does surprisingly decent detail work is a diamond cut bit. I am using some bits from

I use a 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" diamond cut bit from these guys and they work really well.

Downcuts work well and give a great clean top cut. They dont give the best bottoms to pockets, but for edge work they are fabulous. I tend to use a standard endmill for the majority of my pocket but slightly undercut the outside profile, then I use a downcut for the outside edges to clean them up.