Bits for smooth pocketing


What bit/s would you recommend to quickly create smooth pockets on machinable wax? The pockets range from 6"x6" to 12"x12" and about 1" in depth.

I plan to use 1/2" Carbide Tipped 2 Flute Straight for the rough cut and then a Fishtail Spiral for the clean finish. Will that work? I am a little concerned about the time it will take for the Fishtail Spiral to clean up that much space.

Any feedback will be appreciated!

For the cleanup pass, just run the fishtail bit at full depth. It would then only take one pass to clean out that entire pocket.

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Would a fishtail smooth both the sides and bottom of a pocket, though?

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I think a standard end mill would provide the best bottom finish in a pocket.
Do you really need an 1/8 bit for your pockets?
If so just just use the 1/8 bit as a detail bit in a 2 stage carve.

Good question. I am not sure about the sides either.

1/8 is the largest fishtail I can find. Which standard end mill would you recommend? Will this 3/4" bit work? Thank you.

Iā€™m no expert, but @MarkA.Bachman question is relevant: Perhaps a standard end mill would be better than a fish tail?