Bits from Inventables not showing in Easel

I’m trying to add a 1/16" bullnose (this bit: Carbide Tip Upcut 2 Flute - 1/16 in Cutting x 1/8 in Shank – Inventables, Inc.) to my easel toolbox, but it seems the only option I have is to add it as a custom bit. Should this be one that I can add as an inventables bit?



This is an endmill not a bullnose type bit.

It can be entered manually if it’s not in the inventables library but I’m pretty sure it’s in their library

Thw only bwnefits of adding their lubrary of bits is that you get a more accurate photo of the bit and some pre-entered settings that need to be tested and verified by the user anyeay…

So i mean no real issue if a bit needs to be manually entered anyway…

Thanks, the part number for that bit shows it as a bullnose on the manufacturer website. I’ll add it as a custom and see how it goes. Thanks!

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Ohh, i see it now.
Just a fyi, a bullnose has a flat bottom with radiused corners where as a ballnose has a radius half of its diameter and no flat bottom.

With that consideration, this bits only use in Easel would be for finishing pass of a 3d carve after importing a stl of its setup as a ball bit due to bit usage rules within easel.

If you want touse thie bit more for engraving in the 2.5d workspace it would need to be entered as an endmill… so it kinda depends the intended use as to how it has to be entered…

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