Bits: speeds, usage and type

So i have been looking through the forums and i was hoping to get a little help. I am trying to figure out the following: which bits to use, at what speeds and where to get them from? I started of with the starter pack from inventables and after reading many projects, i notice i really dont know much about the bits. i know they did a video on it but i wanted y’alls options since you are using them day in and day out. I will only be using wood as my material, and as for type of project, it will very on whatever the wife wants this day. Thanks for your help.


so here is a good guide to start with

also Inventables just recently did a video on the topic

but feel free to ask me any questions that you might have

I know you might of watched that video so if you have more specific questions than than where answered in that video let me know

Thank you for the information. I watched the video which is nice, i just was not sure if there was a chart that had bits, speeds to use and what materials. Also where so you usually get your bits? I know i can order most through the website but was not sure if there was a better place for both quality and value.


in my opinion tooling needs to be high quality especially if you want to do this as a business don’t be afraid to spend a little money as it will pay off in the long run

Here are some manufactures that I use

Tools Today

in easel they provide starting points but in my opinion is learn to go past those rather quick as they are very very modest and imo will hurt the life of your tools

CNC tooling is designed to run at high speed much higher than the x-carve can achieve in fact but also working with the different tools is an art form and that were the greatest learning curve comes into play with the x-carve slower is not always better when it comes to cnc bits

Try and use carbide for everything

HSS (high speed steel) tools will work in natural woods but they do not last as long and never cut composite woods with them such as mdf