Bits suppose to look like this?

I recently purchase the Vcarve bits from inventables. The 60° and the 90° set. Are they suppose to look like this? I thought I would ask here before I made a fuss about it

Mine looked the same as well. I know there shouldn’t be much difference between the 1/4 shank, and the 1/8 shank, but my 1/8 seems to cut cleaner. But curious to hear others info on this.

My 1/4" shank V-bits also look “dirty”, even though I’ve never used them. My 1/8" shank V-bits look pristine, though.

I wouldn’t be too happy about purchasing something like that.

Even if it doesn’t impact the cut quality, it certainly gives the impression that you’re paying for sub quality tools. There are quite a few other comparable bits for sale that don’t look like someone dropped them in the garbage disposal before shipping them out.

Call Inventables. They are pretty good about taking care of the customer.

Yeah that was my thought too but I figured I would check. They just look like they have really shotty welds and whomever or whatever welded them did a terrible job. I don’t feel that they should have been shipped out like that. I’ll give them a call.

Thank you, I’ll check in with them. I definitely don’t want them if they may affect the quality of my cuts. I can always find them elsewhere. But I’ll start with them first and see what happens.

Well be careful. There’s a lot of energy in a mill spinng at thousands of RPM. If the mill comes apart, that’s a big problem.

If you need to replace them, consider carbide insert bits. They are not terribly cheap, however they are tough as nails and work exceptionally well. Depending on your choice, the insert can have up to four cutting edges, meaning when it’s dull, you simply rotate the inser for anew edge.

I’ve use one of these in wood, Aussie hard wood, ply, plastics, marble, aluminium with no problems whatsoever…