BL Touch for autoleveling?

Hello folks. First time posting so bare with me on explaining myself. Not sure if this is a great idea. Or if someone has figured it out. Here it goes.
I just installed a BLtouch for my 3d printer to level the build plate. Seeing how this works. Wouldnt it be a good idea to autolevel the material you are going to carve or cut on the X Carve? I’ve noticed when i cut/carve some areas on the material are higher or lower on the material. I do have the Touch plate which is great. But was wondering if the BLtouch to autolevel the material is a good idea or bad. Curious to see your responses or if anybody knows of something like thst. BTW. I do know when engraving into copper for PCB design a clamp wire Nd some other stuff is out there. Just curious if the BLTouch would be something that can work or worth it.

Easel / Easel Pro do not support autoleveling.
Autoleveling is most relevant for projects that require very fine and shallow Z-precision relative to the surface.

For most wood projects a properly skimmed spoil board is adequate and what most people do. Its usually a one time deal done to a new spoil board.

I tend to carve material that is consistently uneven or warped and I always “autolevel” the material prior to carving. Here are my steps:

  1. Export the g-code from easel
  2. I use OpenPilotCNC to probe my material using a homemade “probe”. It’s a simple momentary switch glued onto the end of a bolt and wired up to the probe switch on the arduino.
  3. I probe the work piece
  4. I split the gcode into shorter moves (built in function in OpenPilotCNC)
  5. I apply the height map generated by the program to the gcode
  6. Save the new gcode
  7. I have to modify the header of the new gcode to work with Easel (not a big issue)
  8. Open in Easel then carve as normal.

I’ve gotten this to a point where it takes me no more than 10 minutes to do and my finished product comes out right nearly every time.


My apologies for not making things clear. I have a 3 axis touch plate. with that said. I’m using UGS for that gcode. I saw a feature in UGS for auto leveling. Was wondering if a BLtouch would work for it.

I just looked it up. great idea. But that’s using cooper for PCB. Do you have a video how you auto level wood? Or any link to how its done? would really like to add that feature to my x carve. I have the 3 axis touch plate using UGS. which works great. But would like to have something to auto level my material. Thank you in advance.

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