Black Walnut Cutting Board

This is my first attempt at a cutting board. I decided to keep it simple the first time. In the future I’ll incorporate some more unique details of some kind. This one is made from a single piece of black walnut that was originaly about 16" dia and 1.5" thick. I planed it down to 1" thick then cut the outside shape using a .25" spiral upcut @ 1/6" DOC and 30IPM. It’s finished with mineral oil



It would have been expensive except that I have a connection thru a corworker and so I got the wood for free. So I can get any pieces I want in exchange for cutting/carving signs when he needs them. It’s working out nice so far.

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Well done man. It’s a shame you didn’t put a longer handle on it and bevel the front edge or you’d have a most excellent pizza pie shovel!