Blind Finger Tenon joint CNC Made

Hey everyone here is a blind finger tenon joint I have been working on what do you think?


Great. Try another one with half blind. Joints corner fully and shows the fingers nicely.

great idea. well executed.

the t-bones look deeper than necessary and the outside corner doesnt look crisp.

Wood you’re using is not suitable for this. Tray better wood, even MDF. Half blind side from inside, opposite side from outside to have clean cut.

Thanks guys

Yeah actually the joint is designed not to meet up on the corners so that you can put a decorative edge band in place for a little contrast

And yeah I know paticle board is not ideal but I just finished a big job in it so I have a lot of scrap on hand please particle board cut beautifully with a compression spiral so it’s easy to run tests on

I think your right though I can shorten the length of the inside t bone filet to give it a better appearance on the inside

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Thanks for sharing @WorkinWoods
Have you seen these?


I have seen the first one that is where I am getting these joints from mostly and I modify them in some cases

but thanks for the second one I will check that out for sure