Blown G sheild

Well some how the hot wire came out the G shield and shorted on the power unit. Blew the G shield and somehow my laptop. should I change the Arduino uno board also? Not having a very good day!

I would like to, but with having to buy a new computer money be tight!

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That’s all I see, when the wire sparked the laptop shutdown.

Yea I think so!

If you blew the laptop most likely the Arduino failed too. :confused:

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One thing I will do is not mount my Gshield encloser to the power supply. The wire sparked off the power supply and I guess traveled to the Gshield encloser. If I would have done this the first time I could have maybe saved the $. Lesson learned.

It still powers up, both fans still work on it and the Gshield, But that could be a big possibility, I will have to check and make sure it is putting out the correct voltage. Now that I am thinking about it the Gshield board did not catch fire until I hooked back up the wire and powered the power unit up.

Found this in For Sale/Trade:

Dang I ordered the new power supply last night, I just didn’t want to take a chance. After Christmas I may look for something like that as a back up. Thanks!

Well have every thing changed out, boards and power unit, but now it won’t connect to x carve. I tried with 2 laptops one with windows 7 and the 10. I have 3 green lights and one blue in the Gshield. I wonder if maybe the USB cord is bad now. Enough power when through it to fry my laptop it could have damaged the USB cord also.

Yea went back can checked everything and found out that i was one pin off attaching the Gsheild to the Arduino UNo. so now it asked me for the Com which is# 4, but it has been clocking for 15 minutes

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You can use Putty to connect to serial ports. 115200 8N1

Maybe the Arduino needs to be flashed with the proper code if you haven’t already done so.