Blown tb6600, arduino/drivers working manually but not with gcode

For some unknown reason, the X tb6600 chip blewout on my xcontroller. While I wait for a new $3 part to come from china, I decided to go on amazon prime and purchase some tb6600 microstep drivers and an arduino mega to get me back up and running. Eventually the goal is to fix the xcontroller with the tb6600hg chip and to use the spare parts for a 3d printer.

When I have easel or UGS up, I can manually job the xcarve just fine. Everything seems normal just like it did before the chip blew. I do a simple program to cut a square and what I get is a diagonal movement from the left to the right moving from the front left corner towards the back right corner of the machine. The first move in the simulation of the gcode should be to cut straight left to right then up, then back left then down.

What am I missing? I have the arduino setup a little differently because it is the mega. When I tried to set it up using the same pins as the uno, my stepper motors wouldnt move at all, sounding like they were trying to move in both directions at the same time.

Again if done manually, everything works like it should be. I have a customer order from my website so now I am frantically up at 4am still trying to get this up and running. Any help is much appreciated.

here is what UGS prints out for settings, not sure if this is any help

$0 = 10 (Step pulse time, microseconds)
$1 = 25 (Step idle delay, milliseconds)
$2 = 0 (Step pulse invert, mask)
$3 = 0 (Step direction invert, mask)
$4 = 0 (Invert step enable pin, boolean)
$5 = 0 (Invert limit pins, boolean)
$6 = 0 (Invert probe pin, boolean)
$10 = 1 (Status report options, mask)
$11 = 0.010 (Junction deviation, millimeters)
$12 = 0.002 (Arc tolerance, millimeters)
$13 = 0 (Report in inches, boolean)
$20 = 0 (Soft limits enable, boolean)
$21 = 0 (Hard limits enable, boolean)
$22 = 0 (Homing cycle enable, boolean)
$23 = 0 (Homing direction invert, mask)
$24 = 25.000 (Homing locate feed rate, mm/min)
$25 = 500.000 (Homing search seek rate, mm/min)
$26 = 250 (Homing switch debounce delay, milliseconds)
$27 = 1.000 (Homing switch pull-off distance, millimeters)
$30 = 1000 (Maximum spindle speed, RPM)
$31 = 0 (Minimum spindle speed, RPM)
$32 = 0 (Laser-mode enable, boolean)
$100 = 250.000 (X-axis travel resolution, step/mm)
$101 = 250.000 (Y-axis travel resolution, step/mm)
$102 = 250.000 (Z-axis travel resolution, step/mm)
$110 = 500.000 (X-axis maximum rate, mm/min)
$111 = 500.000 (Y-axis maximum rate, mm/min)
$112 = 500.000 (Z-axis maximum rate, mm/min)
$120 = 10.000 (X-axis acceleration, mm/sec^2)
$121 = 10.000 (Y-axis acceleration, mm/sec^2)
$122 = 10.000 (Z-axis acceleration, mm/sec^2)
$130 = 200.000 (X-axis maximum travel, millimeters)
$131 = 200.000 (Y-axis maximum travel, millimeters)
$132 = 200.000 (Z-axis maximum travel, millimeters)

Could you also post the gcode (test square) or the first 20lines or so?

Your feeds ($110-112) and acceleration ($120-122) are really slow btw
Would also suggest $1=255

Yea your GRBL settings are off for an Xcarve.

I’d recommend powering your Xcontroller, getting the GRBL settings from there and copying them over.

The Arduino Mega is not fully supported by the grbl group. You are basically using an experimental version of grbl which may have anomalies.

The code is made in aspire for the xcarve, and it does the same when making a square in easel and having easel compile and run the cnc. Is this my issue? Should I use a different compiler setting instead of xcarve?

Your GRBL settings are wrong. Has nothing to do with Gcode and the sender.

You need to configure GRBL right. My suggestions was to power your Xcontroller to get the settings on the integrated Arduino chip and then apply those settings to your new Arduino Mega.

Yes I understand, I was responding to Haldor. I don’t want to power on my xcontroller while the TB6600 chip is blown. I believe I copied the Grbl settings to a word document that someone posted on another thread but they were from a 500x500 not that it should matter really.

Sorry the forum showed the reply to me and not to Haldor.

The only difference would be the max travel values which I don’t believe come into play unless you are using soft limits.

Confirmed, as long as soft limit is not active then the machine do not care about max travel.

Levi, the Mega may not behave similar to the UNO - and clone boards can give all sort of funky behaviour. But I dont have experience with the Mega.

No, I consider this a ME problem not a THEM problem lol. I had unplugged my x-axis when it was turned off as I was organizing wires, I went to cut a project and realized that the x-axis wasn’t plugged in before I hit “GO” I plugged it in and BAM it started smoking etc. I am sure this shouldn’t have happened but at the same time I cannot blame it on Inventables. Their customer service is beyond amazing and I am sure they would have replaced it but I really like Inventables and want to see them stay in business.

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When you jog manually, are you just jogging a mm at a time? Can you replicate the gcode manually by typing the commands?
Are you using the default grbl or the mega brance. If standard, the Mega should work the same as the UNO if you have the right pins connected.
Can you share a video of te behavior?

Yeah…don’t do that when powered.