Blue Spirt mask

I made the Blue Sprit mask, from the “Avatar the Last Airbender” carton
I got the model off of Thingverse
This was a test carve in a 5" plank of pine

The carve turned out nicely. A bit of fuzzies and a small spot where the pine chipped a bit. I think it would be fixed by switching to a harder wood like maple.

Coloring them was a bit of a challenge. The pine looked very yellow under the first layer of blue tinted shellac. I tried staining one first, that darkened it a lot. But I had to put on multiple coats of shellac to get the blue to really show. It came out pretty blotch because I was just brushing it on.

The next one I will try first dyeing the wood with a blue tint and alcohol mixture and see how well that works.