Blum hardware tutorial please


Thanks for using Blum products, they are very nice but they are not cheap. So I would like to know if these part numbers still correct ?

I’m asking because The blum clip100 degree full overlay hardware ( 71M2550) that is recommended in the tutorials seems to be only for framed cabinets according to Amazon. Has anyone confirmed this before I buy them? Any cheaper alternatives that also fit?

  • Door Hinges
    Easel Cabinetmaker currently supports Blum CLIP standard 100° full overlay hinges (Manufacturer part no.: 71M2550) and compatible Blum frameless full-overlay hinge plates. Easel Cabinetmaker will add pocket and drill geometries for hinge cups and hinge mounting screw locations.
  • Drawer Slides
    Easel Cabinetmaker currently supports Blum TANDEM 563 and 569 series drawer slides. Shallow drill-holes will be added to the bottom face of the drawer bottom panel for Blum T51.1901 locking devices. Drill holes based on the specified length of the drawers will also be added to the inside face of the cabinet side panels to mount the drawer slides/runners. Pocket holes for the slide’s rear hooks are also automatically added to drawer back panels.

The slides can also come as framed and not framed I believe?

Also thanks for fixing the bug where you couldn’t put the hinge on properly ( the peg hole interfered) . I basically stopped using cabinetmaker after that. Very excited to get back into it. Happy New Year.


I purchased these hinges in bulk for my shop cabinets (Edited due to bad copy/paste). They fit perfectly, and are really easy to adjust (all adjustments are done with screws that are separate from the attachment screws). They even have latches to remove the doors without affecting the adjustments or unscrewing the base. I found a deal on a “used like new” box and got them for just over $1 each. They are slow-closing, too!

I’ve attached two sets of doors in my first 3 cabinets, and they worked great. I have no idea how they’ll last long-term, but hopefully they hold up.

I also grabbed this set from the same company for the corner cabinet. But I only just dry-assembled the cabinet, so I can’t be 100% sure they’ll work. They seem to be the right sizes, though.

I have been using Blum hardware for 40 years, you will find they last a very long time phil

@JeffRichmond In this case, I’m not using Blum hardware, but a knockoff. There’s no way I can justify the cost of premium hardware for a set of shop cabinets!

Whoa! I just realized my link I copied in for the hinges went to some Reddit video. Bad clipboard!

I’ve edited the link above, but the correct link is this:

It’s been my experience that since the 32 mm system most hardware is the same as far as the mounting holes go so that system screws can be used for mounting things like hinge mounting plates and drawer slides the only difference I have found is in the hinges when using my three hole hinging machine Blum and grass work on it but salice doesn’t. The use of system holes makes for a standardized drawer and drawer front in multiple sizes revolving around the 32 mm mark

While I’m not familiar with this brand I’m sure they will work just fine but you should only drill the pocket for the hinge and then screw the hing onto the door just remember your mounting plate should be 37 mm to the center of the screw hole on the cabinet

That mtg plate will work on frameless too

Thanks Everyone! I’ll try those knockoffs first for shop cabinets. Then buy some Blum for a proper kitchen build.


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Amazon is usually the cheapest place to buy products, but for some reason, Blum hinges are the most expensive on Amazon. You may need to set up an account at these hardware shops, but Blum hardware is so much cheaper at or (depending on your location, there are other Wurth companies)

excellent resource for slides and I have found them cheaper than Amazon for almost everything - assuming you buy in some sort of bulk…

Thank you !