Boards with Bevels - New to X-Carve

OK, so I am brand new to CNC milling but I have a lot of experience with 3D printing. I gather so far that I cannot import 3D svg files into Easel? I tried an experiment. I drew a 6" x 6" x 1/2" board in SketchUp. The board has a 45 degree bevel on all edges. I exported this file as an svg and imported it into Easel.

Upon completion of the import in Easel, I realized that Easel had converted my 3D faces into 2D entities. If this is the case, how would you mill a bevel on a given thickness board. I am sure there is an answer, but as I stated I am new to the X-Carve.

I assumed I could use a ball end bit and the machine would just keep making passes until the bevel was complete. Maybe this is asking too much? :smile:

The easy answer would be to use a v-bit with the bevel you need. Run a straight bit to clear material and then second pass to cut bevel.

Is there a way to send 3D Gcode to the machine like I can with my 3D printer? Lets say the bevel is 3/4" long. If I cannot import the proper svg file, how does the machine know to make the number of passes required to make a 3/4" long bevel? Don’t these machines just take 1/8" bits? That would be 6 passes.

And I suppose that Easel is just a 2D software?

Not with Easel at this point. A commonly-mentioned app for this is MeshCAM (~$250) which can bring in STL files. You would then need to use UGCS, or, Chilipeppr (free) to send the G-code to your x-carve. If you already have G-code, only the last step is necessary.

I assume I could use the software for my 3D printer then import the G-code into Chilipeppr. It will be fun trying :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

We were just talking about chamfered edges here:

This might answer part of your question.

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Thanks but what if I wanted the chamfer on the entire edge? In other words a complete miter cut on a 1/2" board? And I thought the X-Carve has a limit of 1/8" diameter bits? I do not have it yet so maybe I have the wrong impression. Thanks!

So it looks like the X-Carve might take up to 1/4" shank bits? I guess if this is the case I could get a V shaped bit with a 45 degree angle and make the number of passes required? My question is, if that bit is not a standard bit, how does Easel know what paths to take?

He’s talking about a work-around. :wink:

You can get a bigger collets for the stock spindle that comes with the X-Carve (I think the biggest is a 1/4"). So with that being said you can get bits that have a 1/4" shank.

The problem I see with making a full mitre on a 1/2" board would be you need a fairly large v-bit. With that large of a v-bit it would cause some pretty high cutting loads on the machine.

As for the depth per pass that would be something you would have to play with, this is set in your material set up. With something like this large of a cut you would want to take it pretty slow.

As for the paths, you would just set it to follow on the path.

And yes as @TonyNo mentioned this is a workaround, you are basically telling Easel, in your case, that you are using a 1" diameter bit.

OK thanks guys!

check out this post about a workaround to get Easle to cut how you want with a v-bit