Bob & Chris

Having a problem with the simulate tool path. It only reconizes certain spots of the cut.Something that should take about an hour says about three minutes. very simple design vines with flowers (clipart) stock is 5.5 X 27. image cut of the design 5 X 20 centered.

I even changed to a 1/16 bit didnt correct issue. did a test carve and only got spotted plunge cut

Like @PhilJohnson is trying to state.

it still sounds like the bit is to big for what you are trying to cut. try to increase your image size or reduce your bit size in custom and see what the results are. of course you still can not cut with to large a bit but you can self diagnose what is happing.

sorry. will do. this is my very first problem, had the machine two years and never came across a problem kinda pulled the trigger to soon

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Just a lot of wall hangings, this was one of the first projects.I bought meshcam to try my hand at 3d relief.


Thank you, My wife Chris did the painting.

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