BobCad - BobArt

Has anyone here purchased BobCad - BobArt software?

From the videos it appears to be a very powerful tool similar to Aspire. But I cannot find any pricing information on the BobCad Site. It appears that the BobArt software is an add-on to the BobCad software so it would require owning BobCad I guess (not really clear from their website).

I know that I have had several phone calls from BobCad salespeople over the years and the pricing seems … “flexible”. I know the last time they called I told them there was no way I could afford the price he quoted, so he asked me how much I would pay. Since I was not really looking for new software then I just threw out a very low number and he said he might be able to make that happen. But I was not ready to buy anything, so I did not follow up.

Now I am looking for some powerful 3D design software and I would consider BobArt if I knew what the real pricing was.

So any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Bob!

bobcad is a very low grade program. bobart is not going to give you 3d engraving profiles. YOu are better off using f engrave or even making an svg and importing into easel. And yes I have used Bobcad

Have you used or looked at BobArt. It is a 3D design system for creating STL files. F engrave cannot create an STL file

I used to work at a shop that we had bobcad because the owner bought the cheapest thing he could get. it is great for 2.5D but is useless for full 3d…we never had 3d work so we were fine. As far as STL file creation I do not recall.

I would say try fusion…its something I need to do myself. I actually have access to Gibbscam at work but I want a solution for at home too.

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You have way more options with BobART. It works off line and you can purchase a perpetual license. IMHO way worth it, very powerful and community support via facebook groups.